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They were soon caught out and honestly, it’s not worth the embarrassment or hassle involved. Then cross reference them against all of the requirements outlined in the job description. Which skills, knowledge and experience would be relevant to the industry? Using all of the above take a step back and look at the list you’ve created. In addition to standard practices, such as researching the company, developing a strong resume and securing references, here are four steps you can take to convince a hiring manager that working with you is the wisest decision for their company: 2. Recruiters love facts & figures. Interviews for Top Jobs at US Postal Service. He regularly advises companies on how to improve and get the maximum ROI from their recruitment processes. There are loads of resources out there. Women’s lingerie is a billion dollar industry, so newcomer Third Love had to find a way to … Or if you’d prefer to receive bite-size bits of (free) info, click here to subscribe to our blog and we’ll send you a quick weekly update. Employers want to determine whether … Transferable skills are great, but do you have any specific industry experiences, however casual? Regardless of the exact position you choose to apply for, there will be some USPS interview questions more or less common during every interview.Here are some of them: 1. Once you’ve decided what skills you think differentiate you from others, it’s time to … First things first, you need to identify what your unique selling proposition actually is; the skills, knowledge or experience that you can offer, but others can’t. As you can imagine, we’ve dealt with a great many CVs, cover letters and interviews in our time and we’re pretty used to seeing things like ‘Dynamic, passionate individual, looking for a career in X, Y and Z’ – but to be honest, that really doesn’t tell us anything. Which skills are essential and which are desirable? By doing this, you will discover your unique selling point. Your USP is your unique answer to employers’ question – stated or not – “Why should we hire you instead of another candidate?”. USP stands for unique selling proposition. You may have 20 reasons why they should hire you, but the employer can’t grasp all 20 at once, nor remember them. Your USP tells you. The main thing to remember is that it focuses on the unique value you can bring to your potential employer’s table, rather than the clichés and common attributes that everyone else will claim to possess. There’s no point boasting about your ruthless sales ability if you’re applying for an irrelevant admin job. Which ones are unique to you (or difficult to find)? One of the biggest “aha!” moments for many of my clients comes as we develop their unique selling proposition (USP). You should thoroughly review the job posting and the KSAs of the job prior to the interview. City Carrier Assistant (296) CCA (275) PSE Mail Processing Clerk (228) Rural Carrier Associate (189) Rca (126) PSE Clerk (93) Mail Handler Assistant (58) Casual Mail Handler (57) USPS CCA (46) CITY LETTER CARRIER (41) Mail Carrier (33) Mail Handler (26) Rural Carrier Associate USPS (23) Clerk (20) You could end up missing out on the interview altogether and the hiring manager will never know how perfect you could have been. E.g. Why should this be important to you – as a job seeker? James is the founder and owner of Coburg Banks and a recruitment expert from Sutton Coldfield in the UK. Tips for Answering Tell Me About Yourself at an Interview. Is it relevant and essential?” If it’s not, it isn’t going to be part of your USP. Sample Interview Questions. Sticking to the project manager example, calculate how much money you have generated or saved your organisation during your employment. Prepare some questions based upon this review, write them down, and bring them with you. Click here to read her bio. This is your chance to tell the interviewer why you would be an invaluable employee. Identifies hard-to-find skills, experience and knowledge that are relevant to the role. Big, Boring and Successful - Can a Business Succeed Without a USP? “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”, “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”, Who’s famous USP is this – “The best a man can get?”. Use your top selling point when it comes to the all-important interview by using examples to back up and prove you have that USP. Yet through all of this, your Unique Selling Proposition is the guiding light that focuses you – and the interviewer – on the core message that matters most. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself, though, is by providing tangible evidence of your skills. However, that is simply a feature. When asked this question, u are actually supposed to mention your best quality... For example my usp is my tranquility. When aiming to sell yourself in a job interview, it is crucial to prepare and practice ahead of time. Shifting your focus from “innovative digital marketer” to “specialist PR expert” may seem a little odd and suspicious. Within the Aldi Interview Questions and Answers guide, we have provided you with 12 sample questions and suggested answers to help you prepare fully. Why was I chosen over competitors for my current or past job? Thea Kelley brings extensive expertise and credentials to her work, providing job search and interview coaching to clients in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout the United States. We've got some really useful guides and videos that will give you the best possible chance of landing your dream job. Work of outstanding quality. Never lie on your job application – you will get caught! Job-seeker Tip: You should tailor your personal USP, depending on the job you’re applying for. [Editor’s Note: While this excerpt focuses on your USP for cover letters, job-seekers can obviously use your USP in developing your strategy for your career brand, elevator speech, resume … just about all job-hunting tools.] Good luck with your fantastically compelling USP. Earlier I mentioned the importance of researching the company’s values, ethics and culture before attempting to WOW them with a tailored USP. You don’t want your entire application to fall flat due to a lack of enthusiasm or character. For example, if you’re interviewing to be a news reporter and you share a motivation for deadline-focused, fast-paced work, the interviewer can draw clear parallels between the job and your ideal work environment. How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Mistakes. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a unique selling point or slogan that differentiates a product or service from its competitors. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bearing this in mind, it’s also really important to add a touch of personality! Will More People Consider Moving Abroad Now They Can Work From Home? Tips for Answering Interview Questions About Your Weaknesses. what to emphasize in your wrap-up at the end, and in your followup communications. Defining your unique selling proposition is critical to knowing how you stand out from your peers and what blend of experience, skills and strengths you bring to the table. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. Why Do You Want to Work for USPS?. The best way to answer this is beyond the utility value of having a job. The USP should answer a commonly asked question at job interviews, "Why should we hire you?" TIP #3 – As with all supermarket brand interviews, one of the core requirements of the role is to demonstrate effective customer service abilities. You just have to make the first step! We try harder.” This USP does a remarkable job of turning what seems like a negative quality into a benefit. ... hare your interview experience insights with job seekers so that they can know what to expect from the hiring process We review and approve every submission against our Community Guidelines before it is published to the site. The Most Common USPS interview questions You’ll Encounter. If any match, use them as the focus of that application (mention them on your cover letter, CV and in the interview). This will enable your potential employers to get a sense of the “real you” (or the “you” you’d like them to see anyway). Guest author, Chris Nye, can help you out. Finding a USP (unique selling proposition) for your small business is not always easy. You want to portray yourself as someone who’d fit in well. Your USP now becomes: Try to choose a trait the other job candidates wouldn’t possess. Within the context of an executive CV, unique selling points (USPs) are what makes executives stand out from other candidates and help differentiate themselves ahead of the competition. Put simply, employers want to know one thing about their job candidates: how will you benefit them? You should. Portrays a message that correlates with the rest of their application. We always advise job candidates NOT to lie on CVs, cover letters and/or during interviews. Get my concise, FREE report for step-by-step guidance to STAND OUT & WIN in interviews! Permeates with passion and personality (without saying the words’I am passionate’). This post has become one of our most popular articles — so we updated it, added 10 more examples and turned it into a 28 page guide and cheatsheet. “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.” Domino’s Pizza, “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.” Fedex. Want to make a great impression at your new job? Once you’ve decided what skills you think differentiate you from others, it’s time to tailor your USP to the job you’re applying for. Aside from your resume, you will need to sell yourself and your brand in the job interview. Well – what are CVs, cover letters and interviews if not cleverly-crafted advertisements and sales pitches? Now a benefit needs to be added to this USP. What about the position? In what ways have I made the biggest difference on my jobs? These are outstanding elements that need to be conveyed effectively in a clear … What’s your USP? You must keep your message clear and consistent. Throughout your CV, cover letter and interview, you should keep showcasing your unique selling point/s. If the quality of your portfolio is truly out of this … How to Tell the Right Interview Story for Any Question, 3 Interview Questions We’re Afraid to Ask. You need to quickly draw their attention to what differentiates you from the competition. Don’t. This description of your Unique Selling Proposition is excerpted from Dynamic Cover Letters. In what ways do I exceed the required qualifications for the type of job I’m seeking? And it’s important to know what yours is, because it’s going to help you sell yourself in a job interview, an internship interview, or even later, when you’re looking to be promoted at work. Sample Behavioral Job Interview Questions and Tips for Answering. Keep in mind you will have multiple unique selling points (USPs). If you can’t find one unique thing that shines through, perhaps you can find a unique and uncommon combination of things? Now, there’s one last, ultra important thing to remember. Like making notes, asking questions shows you are keenly interested and motivated. Defining CV Unique Selling Points : Personal USP Resume Writing. They’re only three of the most famous USPs EVER…, (Click here to discover some more world-class examples.). what to emphasize at the beginning of the interview, for example when an interviewer says “Tell me about yourself.”. Simply sum up, as quickly as possible, just how perfect you are for the job (don’t go on and on and on). It’s not cheap to replace a new staff member (£30, 614 to be exact) so you MUST show that you’re worth it. For many years, Avis was in the unfortunate position of being the second-largest car rental company, while Hertz claimed the #1 spot. "What employers usually look for is a unique skill that can help them in difficult situations. Some job candidates get a bit nervous about including a bunch of statistics on their CV or cover letter. Click here to view our Privacy and Cookie Policies. Your brand lets people know who you are and what you bring to the table and most importantly, how you’re different from everyone else out there.”. Instead of claiming ‘I can do X, Y and Z’ you should focus on what that means for the employer; ‘I can do X, Y and Z which means that I’ll save you time, money and effort’. If you think “Unique? Recruiters love facts and figures and if you can include them in your applications, then you’re guaranteed to build trust in what you have to offer. Preparing for an interview The applicants that shine through WILL have a USP of some sort, that…, It’s not about being the best – it’s about “showcasing your individualised skill sets that distinguish you from your peers.”, Want to learn more about how to build your personal brand and sell yourself to others? Other job interview materials: Below are other useful materials from: topinterviewquestions.info • 29 powerpoint presentation examples, 15 interview role play examples • Free ebook: 145 interview questions and answers pdf download • Top 10 biggest/strengths weaknesses in job interview • How to answer question: tell me about your self? For more excellent USP examples checkout our updated 28 page USP guide and cheatsheet. Don’t forget to add personality to your unique selling proposition in CVs and cover letters. We’ve come across candidates who’ve faked an entire degree on their CV. April 3, 2014 / Executive CV / Resume Advice / 0 comments. “Unique Selling Proposition” (or point) is a marketing term, used to describe the feature that makes a product, service, business or person different. Moreover, you need to pass the postal exam 474, which is used for all mail carrier positions, and a job interview. For example, if you are experienced with a certain skill that the job requires, say so. What have my employers appreciated most about me? Draw on your strengths and talents until you find at least 5 that pertain to the job you want; consulting the job description at this point is a good idea. Group Interview: Cattle Call or Opportunity? Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. In their book “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing“, authors Al Ries and Jack Trout emphasize the importance of being first to market. Which product would you buy? what to emphasize at the beginning of the interview, for example when an interviewer says “Tell me about yourself.” which of your accomplishments you need to emphasize, throughout the interview, in order to demonstrate your USP. Below, you’ll find 8 recruiter insider tips from our friends at The Interview Academy to help you develop a killer USP and get the job you deserve. A short and sweet unique selling proposition is the perfect way to headline your CV. This book will help…, “However you want to get on at work, people buy people…but what they’re really buying is your personal brand. Personal USP tip: keep your message constant and never lose your focus. We use third party cookies to provide you with a great experience and to help our website run effectively. What are the company’s values, ethics and culture? important. Crafting a personal USP: Don’t possess one unique skill? Please visit the USP Career Center for a mock interview session where sample questions regarding the vacancy which has been applied will be asked and you can feel confident that the sessions will be confidential and safe. Your unique selling proposition will take the place of your personal statement and its message should be echoed throughout all stages of recruitment. Telling stories makes for a good interview. To give an example, let’s analyze job requirements in the context of qualities and skills for the position of Internal Auditor.. At some point, somewhere down the line, someone will notice…. I’m not unique, I do exactly what the others do” or “The only way I can stand out from my competitors is by being cheaper” then I have good news for you! ... • What makes you the best person for the job or why should we hire you? Get a FREE report & find out how to STAND OUT & WIN in interviews!, USP: The Guiding Light for Your Interview. Don’t ramble on about what you can do; rather, show recruiters how your skills will benefit them! Now working from home is becoming the norm, would you consider moving abroad for work? © 2019 – Coburg Banks Ltd. All rights reserved. And a recruitment blog, for that matter..? Outstanding Quality. 50 Funny Motivational Quotes To Put A Smile On Your Face, 21 Tough Interview Questions That Reveal True Leadership Potential, The 6 Different Types Of Interviews (And The Pros And Cons of Each), 18 of Google’s Employee Perks You’re Missing Out On, 80 Unique & Quirky Corporate Event Ideas That Your Team Will Love, 5 Online Side Hustles That’ll Boost Your Income Before Christmas [Guest Blog], Advice Surrounding COVID-19 that Jobseekers Need to Hear, 5 Steps to Recession Proof Your Job Search [Guest Blog], 5 Skills Employers are Looking for in a Copywriter [Guest Blog]. To become a mailman at USPS, you must have a US citizenship and a clean criminal background check and driving record. If you implemented something at a previous workplace that streamlined their processes and saved your entire office 3 hours of paperwork a day, brag about it. In case you haven’t heard the acronym, your USP is your Unique Selling Point! But what have they got to do with you? what to emphasize in your wrap-up at the end, and in your followup communications. Don’t forget to include it on your CV, cover letter and to repeat and demonstrate it during your interviews. This is obviously easier in the interview as they’ll get a first-hand impression of your personality and passion – but it’s important to consider it on your CV and cover letter too. It’s good to think of your USP as a headline. Tell me about yourself. Do you recognise these quotes? What skills, experiences and knowledge fields stand out? This week’s guest post from Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, expert career adviser and “introvert whisperer” reveals all…. There is much more to consider in preparing for a winning interview: authentic yet strategic answers to likely questions, asking the right questions yourself, body language, chemistry and rapport, handling specific interview formats such as panel or case interviews, closing the interview, following up and negotiation, among others. Best Answers for What is Your Greatest Weakness With Examples. It’s all about showcasing exactly why someone should buy (or buy into) something, right now (perhaps it’s bigger or smaller, quicker or lasts longer). Job-seekers: what differentiates you from your competitors? Our goal is to create interview questions and answers that will best prepare you for your interview, and that means we do not want you to memorize our answers. Or, check out part 1 of this series: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition . Avis “We’re number two. Prove your CV claims & quickly become a top candidate. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. Do you already know what that is? Here are some of the key requirements found in a typical job description for this position: Identify and assess significant business risks; Develop, implement and maintain internal audit policies and procedures Do I have qualifications that are hard to find? Third Love. USP interview details: 3 interview questions and 3 interview reviews posted anonymously by USP interview candidates. In addition to getting a handle on your nerves, you have to figure out what to say in a job interview that will make you stand out from the other candidates. We recommend 2 – 3 sentences (spoken and written). Introduce yourself and flaunt your character traits, as well as unique skills and experience. Impressing a hiring manager is no easy feat. Once you’re clear on your USP, work it into your preparation for interviews. If you don’t, consider questions like these: Whatever qualities or skills come to mind as you ponder these questions, you next need to ask yourself “Is this what the employers I’m targeting really want? Here are a few particularly great examples of Unique Selling Propositions. But also like making notes, do not interrupt the interview with constant This little gem usually crops up at the start of the interview, as an ice-breaker … A USP may include words such as the "lowest cost," "the highest quality," or "the first-ever," which indicates to customers what your product or service has that your competitors do not. So how about some USP examples to help you with your inspiration? What about a unique combination of skills? There’s one key thing you should be prioritising. Communicating your unique selling point includes uncovering the top relevant talent that makes you desirable and different than the other candidates. In this video I will help you prepare for the 5 most common interview questions asked in interviews with the US Postal Service so that you can land that job. Jeff is a featured contributor delivering advice on job search, job interviews and career advancement, having published more than 50 pieces of unique content on the site, with his work being featured in top publications such as INC, ZDnet, MSN and more. Co-founder and CTO of TheInterviewGuys.com. There’s an advertising term that you should […] Read more. What do you offer that others don’t? They feel that it’s a little too early in the process to start bragging and decide to leave all the great stuff out until the interview. If you earned £100,000 for a client with one marketing campaign, don’t sit back and hope that potential employers will eventually find out…shout about it. The tried, tested and proven to be successful or the unknown prototype? It’s really important to consider everything about the company so that you don’t mix up your message. In this scenario, you may have saved your employer money while working on product implementation. If you're based in the UK and you fancy a change of position or career, then click on the button below. Tailor Your USP. “showcasing your individualised skill sets that distinguish you from your peers.”, Your #1 Priority When Starting A New Job (Guest Blog). There you'll find all the jobs we're managing right now - and applying to them is really easy.

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