bayou nwa treasure map

There is a road that runs right along the eastern bank of the river here. To start a story mission you need to visit Clay Davies. It will be on a higher elevation than the road, but you can actually sketch it from the ground below as long as you are somewhat close to it. Just a bit before you hit the actual ridge you can find this orchid, right near some fairly tall trees. He appears in two other regions as well, and if you fail to restrain him in all three of these locations you will have to go to a fence and buy the map from there. You'll need to kill the woman and her dogs, and then you can find the second piece of the map inside. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the influential Amazing Inventions. The final class of collectables are Dreamcatchers. It will be near the southeast corner of the island. Far northwest corner of the region. It is nearby a huge mossy growth that looks like a little hill. It is almost directly west of the top of the "B" in the words Bayou Nwa on your map, in between the railroad and the westernmost road. It is almost directly east of the "O" from Dakota River, but you'll need to take the southernmost road here to get to it. There is a small rocky path that encircles a tree here, and the orchid is just on the edge of the rocky path. It is essentially directly west of the top of the "B" in Bayou Nwa on your map. Mammoth bones! You will see a fallen tree and, right before it, the remains of a stump sticking out of the ground. Finally a bone in New Austin that isn't stuck on the southern shore! It is worth noting you cannot start this request until the Epilogue, so if it doesn't appear after finishing the fourth do not worry. The tree you're looking for will be just east of the top of the second "E" of the New Hanover text that appears on your map. Woodpeckers: Like cardinals, you most frequently tend to find woodpeckers around rivers. In northeastern West Elizabeth. #10: To the southwest of #9. He is kind enough to give you a map showing where all 13 of the fish can be found. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws. There is a small hill just south of the road, and it is near the top of the hill. #7: Also in western West Elizabeth. Climb up the mountain using the fairly flat trail ahead of you, and you'll wind up going almost directly north up this pathway. It is almost directly south of the space between the "R" and the "T" of The Heartlands on your map. There have been times where a nest spawned empty for me, so I threw in a couple of extra spawn spots just in case. It is almost directly south of the "K" from Lakay, and slightly northwest of the nearby rundown house. Even though they are indeed mammoth, they can be kind of hard to see because they will blend in with the snow. It is almost directly east of the bottom of the "V" of Kamassa River. The next tree you're looking for is also almost directly adjacent to the tracks, just a little bit south from where you found #16. Relax the rod and then repeat this again, and again, until the fish begins to struggle. The exact location is just south of your camp in Chapter 3. The sets themselves are briefly detailed below. This one can be hard to spot, so use your Eagle Eye to get the small yellow pillar of light to help you identify the exact location. If you walk into it, you'll find a strange cave painting that you can inspect. Note: Red Dead Online is currently in Beta. #3: Above second "E" in Bluewater of Bluewater Marsh is a three way intersection of various roads. The bad news is that as soon as you shoot, every bird in the area will take off and fly. Elysian Pool, in northeastern New Hanover. If you inspect the Abandoned Church, the spot of this is almost directly along the left wall Arthur draws of the church on your map, about halfway down the wall. #19: Very close to #18, and just slightly to the northeast. #5: In western West Elizabeth. Take the treasure map. If it is, when you get close you can inspect it, and the Arthur will draw it in his notebook. I've highlighted several common areas below where you can frequently find 5+ spoonbills per trip. Go over on the other side of the bridge, and check the east side of the road immediately after you finishing crossing it. There is a building just off of it to the southeast labeled as Cairn Lodge. Climb up the nearby tower to look at it from above, and once you reach the top you'll be able to add it to Arthur's notebook. Feel free to use the bedroll to sleep in as well if you want. This is another one that will be hard to locate because of how tall the grass is. It is located on the island described in #5, on the northern end of the island by the shoreline. The barrel stands out on the beach so it is easy to find. It is bordered by the river to the west, Bluewater Marsh to the north and Lannahechee River to the east and south. This flower is growing on a tree located directly north of the space between the "G" and the "R" of Lagras written on your map. You won't get credit for completing this collectable thread (and get the checkmark on your 100% completion list) until you finish Geology For Beginners - II. Found in the northeast portion of New Hanover, in the Roanoke Ridge area. It will be across the next road, and just a little bit south the southern shoreline of the river. This is likely the most straightforward point of interest you can find. The flower will be east of both of these roads, near to the coastline and about halfway up the island. To the southeast of Colter is a small body of water known as Cairn Lake. It is up on the hill, and the only easy way to climb up on it is to take the small road that goes just above the "L" on your map. Put on your dancing shoes and put it to good use. Before you do anything you will need to make your character. It is near the top of this mountain, so keep using Eagle Eye when you get close to help locate it. Use dead eye to ensure you'll get a hit, then lock on and fire off a small game arrow. Travel to Ambarino and go back to Colter, your hideout during Chapter 1. They are all throughout Bayou Nwa and aren't quite as rare as the egrets we hunted before, but they can still be a pain to track down. Like conquistadors old. #7: Far south in Lemoyne. They tend to spawn very close to heron and we're going to need their feathers in a bit too. #3 and #4: In northeastern Lemoyne. #12: Further north of #11. Located in Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, you will find a Tiny Church, which is part of the Points of Interest collectibles. It is directly west of the nose of the Legendary Beaver (on the other side of the river). There is a road that cuts through this island on your map, and the tree you need to inspect is on the west side of the road, about halfway down the island. If you locate Chadwick Farm just north of Valentine, the dinosaur bone is almost directly west of that. Second is a Viking Hatchet, a weapon you won't be able to find elsewhere. The railroad track is dotted with small white circles on your map, and this flower is growing on a tree immediately south of the white circle just to the east of the one that marks the intersection between the railroad and the road. This tree is very easy to find because it is huge. These can be a bit harder to find than some of the others because they tend to just be in the middle of a wooded area without many landmarks around them. This becomes a pain when you need just one specific egret and all you're getting are the other two. Load up the game again and every bird that managed to get away will be back in the same area. There will be a large burned out area of the forest. Almost directly north of Valentine, across the Dakota River and just south of the train tracks. If you look directly west of the second "R" of Kamassa River, you should see an intersection between two roads. If the save and reload doesn't work to replenish the birds, it is also possible that there are too many corpses. You can keep riding around in circles, and the island is just large enough to get new birds to spawn as long as you don't kill any of the others. If you look closely, you'll notice there is one extra "X" on the map. Someone dug up the body of whoever was in this extremely shallow grave. It is worth noting that even though these are "legendary" fish, you don't need to do much more to catch them. Refer the map below to find multiple spawn spots of herons all within close distance to each other. It is close to the border with Ambarino. Chipmunks: Chipmunks aren't too difficult to find, and you can find them a lot in northern forests and grassy areas. When you visit Clay Davies he will start you on the story mission Honor Among Horse Thieves (link to guide). There is an area on your map south of Valentine called Caliban's Seat. Cripps will setup your camp in the world for you. Just to the northwest of camp, and directly west of the "N" in the New Hanover label on the map. #6: There is an island south of the first "A" of Lagras on your map. The good news is these are quite easy to find by using Eagle Eye. It is just south of the dotted line denoting a trail that is just south of the ranch. At the Post Office approach the post clerk and speak with him. #14: Directly south of where orchid #12 is found (south of the intersection) and directly west of the bottom of the second "L" of the Tall Trees text on your map. Keep circling until you find a robin. Just west of Heartland Overflow is an open field which will have a bunch of small birds flying around. You unlock this map for completing Jack Hill Gang Map 2. Bayou Treasures LLC. Just south of the third of the trail trees. Now go out and explore the Lakay Swamp area … The tree is up a little hill from the pool, sort of by itself. About halfway between Shady Belle and Saint Denis. You want to be on the pier, fishing southwards at the star position shown below. This one is almost directly east of the "I" from Kamassa River. It is almost directly south of the first "E" in Valentine. The dinosaur bone is just laying on top of it. #7: There is a railroad from Saint Denis that crosses from Saint Denis to the northern end of the groups of smaller islands that the other Clamshell Orchids have been located on thus far. Seafood Wholesale Live Crabs Live Crawfish Fresh Shrimp It is also almost parallel with the top of the "N" from Bayou Nwa. #10: Nearby the locations of #8 and #9. Requests can be found posted in the following towns: Van Horn, Valentine, Rhodes, Strawberry, Saint Denis, or Armadillo. It is slightly east and a little bit north of the intersection between the two roads in the area, about halfway in between the road and the lake. There is a road that cuts through this island, and this orchid is on a tree that is directly east to the top of the road on the island. Mount your horse and follow the waypoint to reach the Post Office. Turn to your left when you reach the bottom and go straight ahead until you see the paths split on an upward incline and a downward one. Far northeast corner of the map, west of the Brandywine Drop in the Roanoke Ridge area. This one is to the northwest of #8, about midway between the two roads running north and south here. #2: Almost directly west of where #1 is. The river winds around a bit here, making a bit of land that protrudes out that looks a bit like a foot to the east of the river. Take the road north until you are right in the middle of the two "peaks" of the road on the right. A good spot is just west of the Heartland Overflow in central New Hanover. If you aren't good at this, just look for a rock a little bit north of the tree. It is northwest of Valentine and across the Dakota River. While there is an element of chance to come across the Carolina Parakeet throughout this region, there is a high likelihood they will appear in the spot on the map seen above, especially if … The treasure map itself is in the northwest corner of Risky Reels, pinned onto one of the tall, wooden fences, next to a small wooden shed. There are two train tracks running through this area, and the flower is to the east of both of them. The orchid itself is obscured by a bush. As the name suggests, this is a tree that is warped. Er, sorry. It is northwest of Lake Owanjila, and is almost directly west of the space between the "T" and the "E" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. It is on the very north edge of the property, right along the riverfront. Located slightly southwest of the intersection between the railroad track and the road. This flower is growing on a tree almost directly south of that. It is about a quarter of the way down from where the north shore starts to where the map ends. It can be found almost directly east of the third "A" of Kamassa. It is south of Old Harry Fen, and is almost directly south of the middle of the two "R's" in Harry on your map. These are fairly large, and they're in the middle of the desert, so they should be hard to miss. Ride into town when you have all four and send them out. This one is found almost directly north of the "O" of Ambarino on your map. While hunting either of the birds, have a bow and arrow with small game arrows equipped. Small birds like this are common found on small rocks sticking out of the middle of rivers. You can keep hunting like this until you get all of them. Go to the center of this to inspect the meteorite. It is all the way on the western end of the island. It is directly south of the left edge of the first "A" in Lakay on your map. Go to the center of the oil derrick, and climb down the ladder into the well. It is on the northeast end of the island, right along the shoreline. You will see a group of small islands in the middle of the river just to the west of this text, and cardinals are very frequently found there. Near the middle of the Bluewater Marsh region. The road curves a lot, but there is a very small segment that runs almost directly north to south (it is almost directly north of the second "A" in the Dakota River text). The Lady of the Night Orchids are easier, but you'll need to pick up a whole lot of them during this request. There is a decent little patch of land in between these too, and you'll want to check the small wooded area east of Caliga Hall in between the road and the coastline. If you go west of the "E" you will find a fairly large ridge. The Dreamcatchers will be hanging from the largest tree without any leaves on it in the area. #4: On the same island as #3. Take the path to the left that leads upwards and continue on. If you decide to kill him you can loot his house for collectibles including a secret treasure map. You will pass a couple of run down buildings on your right on the way up, and this will let you know that you're close. It is fairly large and pretty easy to identify because of all the knee high walls that serve as trenches. The Dakota River is a particularly good spot, and one really fruitful location is the the "Dakota River" text to the southwest of Valentine. This is in the northern part of Lemoyne, to the northwest of Aberdeen Pig Farm. If you have fully explored the area, it is the island that has the alligator drawn on it. Right by the Kamassa River, north of the Elysian Pool in eastern New Hanover. There will be a gap in the rocks, and if you walk through them you will see a crevice in the cliffside. As of today, Red Dead Online has entered the beta stage of its development. You can also swap out hats with his morion helmet, which is worth taking with you as it is a unique item. The bad news is this final request will take you all over the map, and there are orchids in Lemoyne, New Hanover, and even Ambarino. It will be south of the railroad track and then south of the southern road in the area. Sparrow: These are another small bird you'll have the most luck hunting around rivers. First, wait until it’s the dead of night. It is directly west of the midpoint between the first "O" and the "A" of Roanoke Ridge on your map. The flower will be located on that tree. #2: Near the very south of Lemoyne. The drawing on the map is very clear as to where exactly the battle star is. You will be able to see the carving from the path, so there is no need to explore off of it. This is within walking distance of the last one, and can be found almost directly north f the "D" in Dewberry Creek. This should get you at least 16 eggs in just a couple of minutes, tops. #6: Northeast of where #5 is. Obtained for completing The Poisonous Trail Map 1. It will be a bit further north of the northern most houses that are around the outskirts of Saint Denis. They are spread out in the Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa region of Lemoyne. Details on where to find that treasure are shown above. Similarly, for chipmunks a bow with small game arrows can be used to get high quality carcasses. In the northeast corner of New Hanover, right along the border between New Hanover and Ambarino. Red Dead Online Collectors Map. #5: South of Bolger Glade, closer to the river. The flower will be growing on one of these trees that is close to the wall but isn't directly touching it. another player came by, I whistled and waved him over so he would try to loot him aswell. This orchid is right in the middle of that. This is southwest of Annesburg, and is almost directly west of the "N" in Roanoke Ridge on your map. It is right by the intersection of the two roads. The first really good hunting for them is along the Kamassa River, particularly towards the northern end of the river. An angry hermit lives here who will shoot at you the first chance he gets. It is southwest of the "R" from Roanoke Valley. This location is detailed above. There are a decent number of trees in the area, so use Eagle Eye to help locate the tree you're looking for. Your reward this time is $125 when you return this stash of goodies to Algernon. #6: To the west of the top of the first "E" in Roanoke Ridge and north of the midpoint between the "B" and the "U" in Annesburg. It is about halfway up the road from the point where it starts running north until it hits the river. Go where ever you are comfortable though outside of swampland or snowy areas, because there are plenty of areas with squirrels and rabbits outside of those two. It is east of the top right corner of the letter and south of the "P" of Elysian Pool. There are a good number of songbirds and sparrows here, so you can get both at the same time. Just on the south side of the road will be the bones. You won't earn the checkmark for completion for just collecting these thirty bones, though. Fortunately, there is as easy way around this. These are fairly unique orchids, in that they are the only species that grows in West Elizabeth. It will be right next to a fallen tree. As the map indicates, you want to go to the northwest of Elysian Pool. Meeting Cripps will end the tutorial aspect of Red Dead Online and opens the world up to you for Free Roam. There is a fairly large hill jus northeast of Fort Wallace you need to climb up to get to it, and the easiest way to climb it is going northeast from Fort Wallace as the other ways are very steep. It is on the side of the lake closer to the shack, and not on the opposite side. The tree you're looking for is a bit closer to the roads than it is to the river. If you check your map, you will find dotted paths that represents trails that goes through Mount Shann. This orchid is located just to the south of the outhouse. It is essentially right on top of the "W" from the Bluewater Marsh text on your map. You'll know when you get close, because this meteorite is in the middle of a huge impact zone that goes fairly deep into the ground. All of the things listed above have definite spawn spots, and you likely will already have a good number of Gator Eggs on hand. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. There is a road right in the middle of Saint Denis that rides out of town. Unlike a lot of these other collectables, there is no mission you need to start associated with them, and when you start the game they will be included in your collectables list. There are multiple paths in this area and you'll want to take the path that is represented by a dotted line connected to the bottom of the first "N" of the Hennigan's Stead text. There are five trees in a circle, all of which have faces carved into them. In the far western part of New Hanover. The bone is right on this path, literally right in the middle of the road. Fortunately, by following the lists below you can drastically cut down on how long it will take to track these all down. This bone is almost directly south of the first "L" of the Grizzlies West text. He also has a rare shotgun in his house too. It will be close to the left of the two roads running north to south. Climb up on this area, and stick close to the northern ridge of this area (which should be right next to the path that runs adjacent to it). #8: On the island to the northeast of Shady Belle. The post clerk will give you your first mission which is a Gang Hideout. There should be new bats on the ceiling now. From the last collectible, head northeast beyond Saint Denis to the small house directly south of the N in Bayou NWA on the map. It is northeast of Fort Wallace. It'll be south of Moonstone Pond, right along the border with New Hanover. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Check from the final "r" in river down to where the river starts to turn towards the east. Obtained for completing The Poisonous Trail Map 2. They can be found nearby any of the large rivers in the game, and the Dakota River in particular seems to have a couple of decent spots. Once you get near the top, you'll notice it plateaus a bit and if you look directly north you'll see an area slightly above you that has a decent number of trees on it. It is located nearly directly south of the "U" in Annesburg on your map. Songbird: Songbirds are just about everywhere, and these are the birds you'll find over and over again when you're hunting just about every other bird. Save/reload and sleep as much as you need to and you should be able to gather up these thirty fairly quickly as long as you still have some from earlier. You will see four skulls on a shelf. Go south of the road, and it will be a little further south near the top of one of the mountains. All spawn locations are detailed below. They can also be found in the large field just to the west of the Heartland Overflow where a lot of other small birds spawn. Go directly east of the "O" from Dakota River on your map. The third and final is the Ancient Viking Comb. A cliff in the Grizzlies East region in southeastern Ambarino. It will be on the north side of the rock and it is a bunch of old timey letters that Arthur can't read. Go to the west side of the house and you'll see a cart right next to a small porch. You'll need to get pretty close to the edge to find it. The fourth and final of the strange trees. This map can be found in Reed Cottage, a small cottage north of Annesburg. There are a lot of roads on the northern part of Caliga Hall, and you want to travel to the northernmost "loop" (which is directly south of the location of flower #6). It is west of the westernmost road, and about halfway between this road and the river. It is by the little bit of land that sticks out a little bit westward from the coastline. #1: Very close to Shady Belle, and slightly east of the main house. Continue following the path as it winds around the tip of the mountain to your right. Locate the "S" of the West Elizabeth text on your map. Right near the middle of this loop will be the tree you're looking for. You get a cigarette card for each pack of premium cigarettes you find or purchase. #6: In the far west of Bayou Nwa. In Eagle Eye they will glow brightly, making them a bit easier to pick out. Bird carcasses decompose very fast, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so. #14: North of the left side of the first "N" in Annesburg. This is pretty much exactly what the description says. This is the hardest to find. #13: Almost directly east of where #11 and #12 can be found. I do not know where Bilbo Baggins is in this game, but at least we found his house. Skunk: There are a decent number of good spots to hunt skunk at, and you can check wooded areas of Lemoyne or New Hanover or West Elizabeth. From the Player Menu select Camp then select Set Camp Location. It will require some wading out to collect their corpses, so make sure you go into Dead Eye and clear out any alligators lurking nearby before walking out. Lake Isabella. #8: In northwestern Ambarino, right in your first camp of Colter. Right after the trees is a hill leading down to the water, so if you reach that point you've gone too far. This collectable only becomes available once you finish the entire game and complete the Epilogue - Part 2. #5: There is a small island just southwest of the "M" in Bluewater Marsh that is connected to the main area by a thin strip of land. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the most popular Breeds of Horses. Inspect the letter to get credit for this point of interest. To get to the rock carving, check your map and locate the small dotted path that runs directly adjacent to the "C" of Cumberland Forest. There is a dotted path that runs right past this E going north to south on your map, and this tree is on the west of this path, right around where the road sticks out to the left a bit. The road will branch up here, with one branch crossing the river and another going down to the railroad tracks. At the location marked on your map, look for a treasure chest.

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